Monday, August 31, 2009

Yoder Days

We had a fantastic time in Yoder, Kansas for their big parade and festival. Its a little Amish town very close to where we live. How fun it was to see all the horse drawn carriages in the parade along with other unique contraptions like the Horse Apple Transformer that followed the horses in the parade. Two guys scooped up the horse poop and put it in the manure spreader and candy came out the back chute. How fun is that? We laughed and laughed (but we didn't eat any of the candy!)A typical Amish buggy.
After the parade we mozied over to the buggy races. Of course we had to stop for a 50 cent snowcone - yum. We sat on the grass and watched as the Amish raced their horses along a dirt road (about a quarter mile track). Wow. It was truly amazing. Who says Kansas isn't fun?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seeing Clark

We just got back from Ben and Alli's in Oregon. Of course, the real purpose of the trip was to see our new grandson Clark . It was fun to see Ben and Alli too, but Clark is the new kid on the block. My son kept asking us if we had enough "Clark Time." And we did. What a great addition to the Porter clan.

Janice and Clark

Bruce and Super Clark in training

More Clark Time for Grandma

Our favorite picture of the week!

We had a great time visiting the Portland Zoo and had a really fun evening out to watch a movie in the Park in 3-D - which was pretty lame but still a lot of fun. They had a high def screen set up in an outdoor park on a hillside and served free popcorn and shaved ice. Fun!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Had a great time with our kids for the last two weeks. Jamie, Randy, Audrey, Isaac and Violet drove out to Kansas for a vacation visit (we are always amazed at their courage!). We went to the Wichita Zoo (amazing - one of the best we've been to), rode the tractor, played in the sprinklers, rode bikes, went on walks, played with the dogs, and generally had some good mid-west fun. Next week we're off to Portland to see Ben, Alli and Clark! Can't wait.

Helping build our new deck.

Audrey and Violet learning how to milk a cow at the Hutchinson zoo. Ouch for the cow!

Best seat in the house!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring update.

So...we haven't posted for a while. We've been busy this spring with enjoying the weather (note the black hole cloud that appeared above our house last weekend!). Fun stuff. It didn't turn out to be a tornado, but it gave us something to talk about for sure.Janice was busy propagating plants for the annual city-wide garage sale. She managed to collect plants for several friends and then potted them for sale to benefit a young couple who is preparing to serve full-time with Campus Crusade. She sold them for $1, $2, and $3 and brought in $60. We're also enjoying watching our garden grow potatoes, cabbage, spinach and onions. Last week we purchased some tomato plants as well as several kinds of peppers that we'll plant this week when it dries out a little. It's been fun to see our property begin to really take shape. Now all we need is some real grass!
We couldn't pass up posting a picture of Bella with her (she thinks) new toy. It has since been hidden away in the front bedroom to be used for its intended purpose as a trash can. Bella is in her second session of puppy school right now - they call it Puppy Jr. High. It fits. What a zoo on Tuesday nights. But she's learning more and more and turning in to a great pet.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to Spring?

Spring? What's that? Oh yea ... time for snow - and lots of it! We had around 16 inches of wet snow last Friday and Saturday. It started with beautiful clouds and ended with Bruce on the tractor for over five hours helping neighbors dig out of their driveways. Yes, that's him on his little John Deere tractor. Although beautiful, it was a mess and still is. Our poor dogs didn't quite know how to handle it. But now its back up in the 50's for the rest of the week and the snow is melting fast - which means the ground is really soaked. Good for the wheat farmers but not so good for our little garden - we can't even see it yet! We love the mid-west! Gotta be flexible.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Garden Show

We went to the Wichita Home and Garden show last Saturday. Pretty fun. Since we still pretty much have a blank slate we're hoping to come up with some fun ideas to beautify our home. It was a fun day.How about this water feature for the back yard?

Janice makes the flora and fauna look good!

Bruce finished the window seat in the dining area!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's Up?

We haven't posted anything for way too long. We are OK - just got a lot going. We had a good Christmas in spite of not being able to go to see our family in California and Oregon. We did get together with friends over the holidays having Christmas breakfast with our neighbors and having an open house for our church family. Over 100 people came! It was a lot of fun.

We got to see the grandkids on ichat for Christmas day which was a highlight.

Janice remains very busy substitute teaching and really enjoys it. She's also teaching a Monday night Bible study for about thirty women in the church thats going really well.

Bruce has finished a few more projects around the house - new window seat in the dinning room, the railing wall for the the stairs, and started on shelving in the hall closet. Since we got some warm weather he started our shed that we'll use for storage and gardening stuff (lawn tractor, etc.) Its framed out and the rough siding is up. He's hoping to get the roof on in the next week or two. Still lots to do though.

Here are a few photos of the Christmas season.
Our puppy Bela enjoying her new chew bone and just goofing around.

Christmas breakfast with the Banz family.

Our fall planted "forrest" in the back yard

Our view of the Christmas star on a church across our back street.